007 - A Quick Update

It has been a solid three weeks since my last blog post. And admittedly the project has not seen a lot of progress. I have been developing small pieces of engine, creating some cool effects, working on collision detection and I even managed to get the game running on Android. More specifically on the GPD XD which isn't the most powerful device on the market. It has a quad-core Rockchip at 1.4Ghz and 2GB of RAM, which puts it on par with current-day low to mid-end Android phones. A great target to shoot for, so I was curious about the performance of the game thus far. It didn't run great in an emulator (Genymotion) at about 20 fps, but on real hardware it had no problem hitting 60 frames per second. I am already doing some lighting and particle work so this is very encouraging. I did run into some graphical glitches when retrieving texture data from the GPU while drawing the same time, but managed to resolve these by only accessing texture data before drawing. This might be a bug in MonoGame, but the glitch didn't show on PC or Mac builds, so it could also be an Android specific thing.

Over the last few weeks I had the opportunity to become the producer for a new game at my current employer. Although I made it to last two candidates, I ultimately wasn't selected to head the project. While I'm a little disappointed I didn't make it, it also would have meant abandoning 'Return of the BEAST' for the better part of a year. Anyway, now this has all passed, I'm ready to pick things up and continue working towards that first Alpha v0.1 release. 

I'll end this blog with an animated GIF showing off snow particles in the game. It's a pretty cool effect and something I'll detail more in-depth in a later blog post. Next up I'll be creating smoke particles (for campfires and chimneys) and a rolling clouds effect. So stay tuned.

Snow Particles

Let it snow, let it snow...

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