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Return of the BEAST is a top-down adventure for a rainy Sunday afternoon. Inspired by the 1984 IBM-compatible game 'BEAST', it includes procedurally generated levels, dungeons, items, quests and story line for you to complete. Replay the game multiple times to discover more ways to play and finish the game. 


  • Quick and easy to pick up game mechanics
  • Short stories and quests to complete
  • Replay the game multiple times
  • 16-bit style graphics and sound
  • Procedurally generated content
  • Available on almost every platform
  • Low hardware requirements
  • Support for keyboard, gamepad and touch
  • Perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon!


This game is currently in development and will be for a good long while. Check out the devlogs to learn more about the game and its development and interact with Madthijs Games. The game is developed in MonoGame and C# and the source code will be made available when the game nears completion.

The builds that are currently available are super early and very alpha, but we'd like you to be part of the development process so feel free to try them out. Just know that most features are not yet implemented and there may not be a lot of game to play. Also, bugs...

Development log

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